Key questions after a traffic accident

It is certain that after having suffered a traffic accident you will find yourself with a lot of questions. One of them will be to hire or not, the services of a lawyer to help you solve your situation. If you are wondering this, first of all, answer the following questions.

Do you have any injuries or did anyone die as a result of the accident?

If you or someone in the vehicle with you was injured in the accident, the first thing you should do is go to a care facility for medical attention.  If you have needed it or someone has lost their life, the right thing to do is to contact an attorney so that you can apply for compensation.

Key questions after a traffic accident

Was there any damage to the vehicle?

A car accident can cause serious damage to your vehicle possibly up to the total loss. Repairing it or buying a new one is something that takes time. Now you will probably have to take a bus to get to work or school.

If it is someone’s fault that you are in this situation, it is only fair that that person should pay for the damage and not you. Most drivers have their vehicles insured, so make the appropriate claim with the help of a professional lawyer.

Were the police involved in the accident?

Whenever an accident occurs the police intervene and take the details of those involved. This is done to find out if the driver was breaking the law. That is to say, whether he was driving under the influence of alcohol, for example, or whether he was speeding.

If this is the case, the authority must stop the person involved and order an immediate investigation. In some cases, it will have to issue citations and apply fines to the person responsible. All of this information may help file your claim with the insurance company, but it is best to do so with the help of an attorney.

Have medical or insurance costs been covered?

If you or your vehicle has not been damaged, you cannot claim with the insurance company. But, if you had to pay something to have a medical check-up, you can.  Keep your bills and proof of expenses to apply for compensation.

Your insurance company will probably refuse to cover the expenses because they will expect the responsible person’s insurance to pay for them. Call an attorney to assist you in the case and guide you through the claim process.

What are the rights and duties of a driver?

If there was property damage or injury in the traffic accident, the law requires that all drivers involved be stopped and remain at the scene of the occurrence until they have received medical attention and the personal details of those involved have been collected.

After an accident, the rights and responsibilities of each driver depend on who caused the accident. If one of the drivers did not do anything unsafe that caused the collision, he or she has the right to claim compensation for damages from the other person’s insurance company.

The driver at fault has to call his insurance company to account for the damage caused. If there are several responsible parties, ideally you should have an attorney help you negotiate with those responsible for the accident.

Should I wait to file a claim?

If the other driver is responsible for the accident and you make a claim to the insurance company, the settlement will depend on the following factors:

1.    The severity of your injuries.

2.    The total cost of the medical bills.

3.    Temporary or permanent medical care.

4.    The salary you have stopped receiving in case you are on medical leave.

5.    Whether or not you will be able to return to work in the future.

6.    Any permanent disability or injury resulting from the accident.

7.    The psychological damage caused.

8.    The time it takes to recover.

Making the correct calculation of your damages is something that requires the advice of a professional. Contact an attorney who specializes in this area who can help you with this. Remember that traffic accident expenses can be very high so you will need to receive the right amount to cover them.