When an accident occurs, it is normal for those involved to be upset by the event. You don’t have to lose your temper to avoid complicating things. When the authorities appear, it is important to communicate what happened calmly so that they can understand you.

If there are serious injuries, this is the first thing to do, so go immediately to a health center and let the authorities do their job. As far as possible, try to protect your rights and health in the following ways:



Do not block the road, try to move the car to one side to be safe. Take out the corresponding signs to alert other drivers and avoid other accidents. If there are injured people inside the vehicle, avoid moving them as this could endanger their lives. Wait for medical personnel to assist you. Call an ambulance.

Move to a safe area.

Emergency call:

Even if the incident was not serious, it is still advisable to call the authorities. They will help you to drive in traffic and prepare an accident report. Make sure the officer takes note of what happened, read the report. Remember that this will be evidence you can present to make your claim.

Avoid spontaneous comments (such as «I only looked back a few seconds»), as this may cause the insurance company to question the responsibility for the incident.

On the other hand, those involved may need immediate medical attention, even if they feel fine. After an accident, it is wise to go to the doctor immediately as some symptoms may take time to appear. If you are told to go to the emergency room, go there.

Exchange of information:

Give your details to the other drivers and ask for the same information. You will need the name, license number, contact phone number, and vehicle information.

You do not need to give your home address or what your injuries are.

Take pictures:

Use your phone to take pictures of the scene. Photograph the cars and license plates, as well as the condition of the pavement and possible injuries. This will help you with your claim.

Take pictures of the road, weather conditions, tires and anything else you think is relevant to the accident investigation.

See a doctor immediately:

If the impact has been too severe, don’t hesitate to go to the emergency room for a check-up. If you are not feeling any discomfort you may be able to postpone it until the next day but it is advisable to go immediately.

A doctor can diagnose if you have suffered any injury from the collision. These medical reports are also tests that will help you claim compensation.

Some car accident victims find that symptoms such as seizures, discomfort or pain are normal after an accident. However, this is more of a sign that you need medical attention. Do not ignore these signs as you may have some internal bleeding.

Obtaining a proper and timely diagnosis is necessary for recovery, and is critical to making an accident claim.