What can I do if I have a work injury?

Everyone who works in a private or public company is exposed to an accident while performing the activities to carry out the job.

Each job has its level of risk which all workers must be aware of to avoid injury. The employer must train his employees on the correct use of the work tools to avoid any unforeseen event while carrying out the activity.

The classification of occupational risk allows to determine the amount of compensation a worker will receive after suffering an accident during his working day.

If you are looking for information about this calculation, we invite you to visit our page related to this topic where we will easily explain all that you must do to obtain fair compensation from your employer.

Injuries resulting from a workplace accident are classified as either temporary or permanent and according to the degree of physical damage or illness they cause. This will determine the type of disability doctors will award which may well be temporary or permanent.

Most Common Workplace Injury

There are different types of injuries that a worker may suffer depending on the type of work he or she performs.

The most common work injury for which a worker contacts lawyers to obtain compensation from his or her employer is

Neck injuries:

Pain in this part of the body can start slowly and increase over time. You may notice that your arm falls asleep very often or that your shoulders feel tight or squeezed.

You may feel pain when you move your head or a lot of tension. Regardless of the cause of this discomfort, you should always consult a physician because he or she can determine whether the injury is caused by the physical work you do or is due to job stress or other causes.

If you have a work-related injury You get hurt during the day or simply feel some medical condition in your body, you probably have a work injury.

Contact a reputable lawyer who can help you.